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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> an 8 on your side safety alert thieves targeting bay area vehicles but it's not your change or sunglasses they're after. they're looking to steal ur >> also the search is on for a hillsborough firefighter believed to be in a dangerous biker gaining. the incriminating video and new accusations against him next. >> plus the new app that could expose your children, 8 is on your side with all you need to know about musically and the steps you need to take to keep your kids safe. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning. let's get a
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you may notice it's not quite as chilly but still 45 degrees in inverness and brooksville. still need the long sleeves for sure. 46 in zephyrhills, and it is a little bit warmer than yesterday. plant city 7 degrees warmer than yesterday, clear water is 10 degrees warmer. by the afternoon i expect us to hit 81 degrees above the average of 78, very comfortable tonight with a low of 62. the big cold front comes through by hour through today and get you through friday, through the weekend. you still have to get to work. in sarasota right now around university a little bit of overnight construction there and we've got an issue going on 275 right near the kennedy exit you can see that truck there in the median. and then we've also got an accident coming off the howard frankland bridge, apparently a report it's tying up the right lane but i see
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university in the westbound lanes center and one other lane at university and also northbound i-75 coming away from clark -- excuse me we've got construction as well. breaking news a congressman's son missing since tuesday has been found safe. carl conyers is his name. he disappeared from the university of houston. he's the youngest son of c we are working to find out some more about the circumstances in this case but keep it right here with news channel 8 and as we learn more this morning. an 8 on your side alert a new twist on an old crime. thieves are smashing through car windows but they aren't after electronics or expensive items. they are targeting checkbooks and ids. we're joined now live in tampa. what are these crooks
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>> reporter: well they're taking those items straight to the bank looking to get your cash and rob you blind. so far thieves have hit tampa, clear water and safety harbor. thieves are smashing their ways into cars to get ids and checkbooks. they use those items to get money from the bank even dressing up to look more like the person pictured in the id. it's proving to be a costly crime. . >> this is one of the largest ones i've had recently. the victim thatam over $8,000. >> reporter: now, in one case cameras caught a woman in the act. police say she used a stolen id and checks to get away with cash. these crooks are hopping from location to location, they steal an id and use it to cash the check that they stole from somewhere else. detectives say that this system is working but it's a system that has to stop. it seems as soon as law enforcement is able to crack a case and learn how these crooks are using items to
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so make sure to keep all of those valuables out of your car. >> and boy, to take it to a whole new level to dress up like the person that you took the id from unbelievable. all right. thanks. and right now the ss on for an escaped inmate in polk county. joseph flanagin took off from a county maintenance facility where he had privileges to work. well, now deputies want him back behind bars. ryan hughes is live in lakeland. any sign of this deputies and lakeland police officers they searched this area near a sam's club in lakeland overnight but i just checked and no sign of him so far. a polk county sheriffs office spokeswoman tells us that joseph flanagin took off from a county fleet management facility in bartow in a pickup truck around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. the truck was later found abandoned and that's when the all-out search began. now, this is video of the search from eagle 8 hd. deputies drove around in
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to find him. deputies and lakeland officers tell us they'll continue searching until he's back behind bars. here's another look at 45 years old joseph flanagin. court documents show he was arrested in september for theft, his third conviction on that kind of charge. flanagin was set to be released in march just a few months from now. he was granted trustee status for good behavior which allowed him to work outside under supervision. now, if caught he'll fac will be here, and the moment we get any new developments on the story we will certainly let you know. >> okay. we'll check back with you. ryan, thank you. this morning new details on a story we've been following for you this week. we first told you about the phony robbery at usf wednesday morning. campus police tell us that a 19-year old lied about being robbed. we're now learning the real
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a threatening note under her dorm room door along with 4 other people. police are now trying to determine if the faked robbery as retaliation. . >> we expended a lot of resources on this. the culture within the residence halls has been impacted the university climate and community has been affected by it. >> the police chief also told us the teen was not remorseful. time now 5:06, a county man was arrested for posing as a bondsman and scam ago woman for money to bail out her son. deputies want to know if there are any more victims out there. deputies tell us this man took more than $3,000 from that victim and was also arrested earlier this month for the same exact thing. if anyone believes they've been a victim of this scam they should contact the manatee county sheriffs office. fhp investigators are still
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a deadly crash on i-275, troopers tell us shubert was headed south on the interstate when he lost control and collided with the barrier wall. he was on his motorcycle. he was propelled into the northbound lanes where his body was hit by an off duty pinellas deputy. a hillsborough county firefighter believed to be a member of the outlaws motorcycle gaining. this is video of walker punching the manager of the rumor lounge in key west week. walker was among 15 members involved in the fight. he's accused of battery and wanted on a misdemeanor battery charge. all right. the time right now just seconds away from 5:08. we made it to friday leigh. >> we did. we had such a great week of wear too. cool nice mornings where you net and short sleeves boot afternoon and today it's going to be into different. let me show you hour by hour what to expect. 61 at 8 a.m., cool but comfortable.
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noon, 81 at 3 p.m., an then coming back down to a very comfortable 73 degrees at 7 p.m. so in our headlines near 80 degrees today and tomorrow but holdup, cold front saturday night is going to make it gusty and chilly for sunday and monday. but then we get a gradual warming trend back into thanksgiving. so we go from 81 today to 79 tomorrow to 67 sunday, and 69 degrees on monday. by the way, i'm still tracking this area in the caribbean still has a 70% no chance of affecting us here in florida because it's going to just sit there. we check in now with traffic on the 8s. a lot of people have next week off. >> that's right. i'll tell you the best day to take off for thanksgiving and head out is sunday. i no he a lot go on wednesday but sunday is the best. all right let's take a look here. sarasota area we're moving at good speeds despite a little bit of construction out
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over at university a lot of construction going on. the southbound on-ramp from university to i-75 is blocked. but it should be wrapped up within the next hour. all right. we've got a little bit of construction westbound on university. now, 275 right before kennedy boulevard got a little accident out here. we've got something in the median here, a box truck and also over here a little bit of activity that's been pushed to the shoulder. it was radio lane. i just see activity here on the shoulder. i hope it's going to wrap up soon but no delays. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. governor rick scott meet with president elect donald trump in new york on thursday. after the meeting he the governor tweeted these pictures saying he was there to congratulate his friend. this morning he's clearing any speculation that he may be offered a high level post. the governor says he still has a lot
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forward. >> that's what i ran on i've got a lot of opportunities i think to continue to improve the state. we've had a million jobs and i want to keep this going. i want to improve education, i want to keep people safe. i want to finish this job. >> the governor also said that americans voted for change and are going to get change with this new administration. as president elect trump builds his team democrats are looking for ways to move forward. this morning many take over as dnc chair. now, there's no word on whether he's interested in running for the job, florida based dnc member batel says he and others are working to draft the vice president, however he's said to be considering private sector jobs. a tow truck driver is counting his blessings this morning. his truck was hit by a train. we have that video just ahead. first an 8 on your side warning for parents, a new app
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and the steps you should take to keep them safe. you're watching
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. there's a smart phone app that some say is making snapchat look over the hill by comparison. >> it's called musically and it can be confusing for parents to figure out. i know this first hand. i'm so glad you're doing this story because my kids are all over musically and i don't get it. >> honestly unless you live with a pre-teen or teenager you're probably not going to get it. on the but like all social media platforms it's exposing children in ways they probably don't understand. musically is a music video making app users known as musers create 15 second videos. more than 70 million controlled substances have been created most by middle schoolers. profiles include a nickname, photo user name and
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link to other social media profiles, most link to instagram. u make sure your child's account is private. go to the settings page on their profile and switch on the private account button. that ensures only people approved to follow the account can see their videos. to further privacy switch on hide location info. to block a user from contracting your child or to report inappropriate content go to the click on those 3 dots in the top right. then select block user or report abuse. . >> all right. you can prevent your child from downloading musically. apple's i tune store andrews droid's play store have parental controls available in your settings. they include a variety of way to block your children. but i really like the tip that you just shared.
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monitor my 11 and 9-year old. so she's on that app constantly. she really takes the job seriously. >> so you have big sister. >> exactly. >> i don't get it they sing along. >> it's like an interactive selfie. hello like singing and dancing is not fun? >> the show girl over h media profiles. >> and snapchat i just saw. >> yeah, all of them. >> all right. thank you. when you go to a make up store many people have fun trying on different products but all that cross contamination could make you seriously sick. we're talking about sores, strep throat or even worse that's because someone else's fingers or lips have touched the same testers that you've used.
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. >> e. coli is feces. these are people who have gone to the bathroom, right, not washed their hands. >> boy, enjoy your breakfast on that one. to try on sanitary make up they say specialists are there to sanitize products by escaping and swabbing. across america this morning a close call for a tow truck driver in kansas. check that out. did you see that, yeah, that's dash from the county sheriffs office over there showing that train crashing right into the tow truck. now, deputies say the truck was one of 2 tow trucks working to clean up a previous accident. the driver was not seriously injured. a kentucky couple is getting very little sleep these days. the couple welcomed quintuplets into the world last week. the
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that will make for an easy birthday party. the new parents say they cannot believe their family went from 2 to a family of 7. >> we're overjoyed. anything could have gone wrong y are so stable, and so healthy. >> that's incredible. doctors say the newborns should be able to go home in about 6 weeks. . >> do you want them to go home? i mean your sleep schedule working around 5 babies. let's take you to one little divide who's very excited about snow. a young cattle dog see him jump at snowflakes begin to fall in colorado. that's in the mountains just west of denver. it was the first big snow of the season for the grand junction area and may very well be his first ever snow experience. >> he's like it's raining treats.
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put it on a loop, please. >> that's how we look like too whenever we see snow, what is that? good thing is that same cold front it's going to make it here saturday night. now, it will not bring us snow in fact i'm not putting much rain in. this morning it's a few degrees warmer than yesterday. still a chill in the area for us. 61 at 8, mostly sunny and 76 at noon feels great at 59 in winter haven. i checked in with my weather watcher bob in venice is around 59 degrees this morning. we'll call it seasonably cool. through the day we get more of a northeast wind. the fact that a little bit coaling off the atlantic ocean will add in a couple of clouds today. tomorrow morning is going to start out warmer as the cold front comes through here late saturday mostly dry but boy, is
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only a high of 67 and windy on sunday. 48 monday morning. all right. let's take a look out here. what's going on traffic wise a little issue coming off the howard frankland bridge but off to the side of the roadway. 2 issues going on. it's off to the right and also a truck in the median. so that's what's going on but no delays i'll keep an eye on it for you. now, back to bene and gayle. this new wall decoration more. the 2017 boston firefighters calendar has been released. for 20 bucks these smoking pics can greet you every morning. they have big hearts too. all the proceeds from the calendar go to the boston firefighters burn found facial. >> well, as long as as it's for a good cause. >> last year they raised more than $30,000. you should have seen her dancing across the studio on this one.
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>> let's do it. a new voice is in town. >> and her name is alexa. coming up she's a hand-free speaker that you can control with your voice. find out what the new skill at and t is adding
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. wells fargo notes customers
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new accounts have dropped 44% and closings rose by 3%. the bank also saw a 50% drop in credit card applications. attention wing lovers, hooters will release an endless amount of cards on black friday and cyber monday. it cost 100 bucks and gives you $20 a day worth of items through the end of the year. the link to get the card is starting today at and t wireless customers that have an alexa device they can be able to send text messages hands free. at and t is adding the skill to her list of abilities. once you preset a list of as many as 10 friends you'll be able to ask her to send one of them a text message without picking up your phone or typing. i want one of those so badly. >> i hope she reads it back
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things gets lost in translation. on tuesday we brought you breaking news about a car slamming into an ybor city sports bar. >> residents are very concerned coming up the safety of ybor city called into question what police and the city's crisis center are doing about it. >> first a live look outside on this friday morning. most of you made it to the end of the work week. we have weather and
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5:28 kids at the bus stop probably excited about getting ready for thanksgiving next week, a bit milder, 81, 79 tomorrow but much cooler on sunday at 67. still a little bit of activity coming off the howard
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a couple little people walking around and then we've got activity in the median. so just be on this though a little bit of activity on the right shoulder as well. but no delays. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> a ding are you saying mistake is that could cost you thousands of dollars. 8 is on your side this morning with a warning about a ring of thieves who they're after. >> and on the run an inmate slips away from a work program in polk county. we're live with the latest on this manhunt. >> plus another chilly morning with temperatures in the 40s and 50s but could get cooler this weekend. we'll check in with leigh spann on how cold it will get and how long it will last. >> just in time for thanksgiving. good morning and


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